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dynosense provides life-enhancing products and services through an accurate, secure, and simple to use ai powered data analytics platform.  our solution will effectively engage individuals to optimally improve their health, make a smarter decision for better healthy life, as well as reducing the risk of life-threatening conditions.

welcome to dynosense corp -- a digital health revolution


empower, inspire individuals to take control of their health in collaboration with their care experts and care friends.


core values

we fundamentally strive for best in class innovative products ahead of our industry. it is innovation that will drive our growth. it is our belief that no ideas outside the mainstream should be susceptible to being discounted, rejected, or ignored. so we set out to create a culture that fosters the freedom to innovate.

we believe if you want the whole system to work well, you can’t just focus on each part and optimize its performance independent of the system. so, we make it crucial point to always build quality into the whole system. so we manage our processes methodically, and not just meet but exceed industry mandated standards for quality. quality is part of the culture not just a by product of it.

the best innovations come from working together with both colleagues and customers. effective teamwork demands strong relationships, respect and sharing. building productive, long-term relationships with customers. embracing diverse cultures, communities and points of view. readily sharing experiences, resources and opportunities.

in order to be a successful innovator, it is imperative to have a strategic challenge in mind. it has to be the right strategy that creates value in lasting and meaningful way. furthermore, it must keep pace with the many changes in our market and know what we are looking to solve in order to use innovation to solve it. thus, a lot of perspiration must go into generating the inspiration that produces a truly breakthrough and practical innovation.

to meet our customers, employees and shareholder’s expectations means we must execute our vision on timely manner. this culture of execution is based on our focus of accountability culture. so we strive to align our missions, with our vision and strategies to create highest quality and innovative products ahead of our industry.


to provide superior service to our customers, we seek to provide innovative, quality products that benefit individuals, care providers, payers and corporations. our goal is to provide innovative products and services for better life that are integrated, accurate, secure, and simple to use. we recognize, however, that we cannot achieve this goal alone. we understand how our successes and efforts depend on the support and participation of our business partners throughout our value chain, primarily our suppliers and customers. we collaborate with them in order to create a more comprehensive health solutions that are affordable and exceed customer satisfaction.


the dynosense team members have extensive experience in medical, healthcare, r&d, engineering, development, and business including (sales, marketing, and distribution) in addition to academic credentials.  the team members operate under a value system based in (core values).

mr. saeed azimi ceo/president
dr. nik tehrani advisor to business development
mr. yun yang advisor to china group
dr. steven steinhubl md, cardiologist, chief medical adviser
dr. jenny jiang md, medical adviser
dr. lee winters md, medical adviser
mr. saeed azimi ceo/president

mr. saeed azimi has 27+ years of technology engineering, management and business development experience. he is founder, ceo and president of dynosense corp. he is also a prolific technology inventor with over 50+ granted patents. prior to dynosense, he was ceo/president of vital connect inc. (2010-2012), a developer of medical patch technology, an electrocardiogram sensor for 24/7 heart monitoring. he oversaw the organization’s growth to a team of 30+ technologists and medical researchers, who investigated advanced medical breakthrough technologies, such as hydration, blood oxygen and glucose monitoring from upper torso area, all using a small 3″ wide medical patch. azimi completed two rounds of financing for $13.5m, implemented the process for medical (fda/ce) certifications, and generated numerous technology patents for the company. mr. azimi, as founding vice-president of system on chip (soc) organization at marvell semiconductor inc from startup period to top 10 semiconductor ranking (1997-2008), he was responsible for storage product group that grew to three separate divisions. he built the organization from ground zero (no employee or products) in less than 8 years to a staff of over 500 employees across global cities in the u.s. and asia. total revenue of storage soc group exceeded $1.5 billion by 2008 and achieved #1 supplier ranking in 8 years with shipments of over one billion socs. during that period, [nasdaq: mrvl] grew from 40+ employee startup to a public company with over $8 billion in market capitalization.

dr. nik tehrani advisor to business development

dr. nik tehrani, phd, fhimss, advisor to business development, has over 27 years’ experience in business management, marketing, and supply chain development and implementation. he is chair of education committee at northern california chapter of himss as well as a member of the innovation and technology committee. his interests are developing marketing tools for patient engagement, digital health, and enhancing the patient experience. dr. tehrani has also over 17 years of teaching experience as a lecturer and professor at various prestigious universities in the san francisco bay area. prior to dynosense, he was president and ceo of savitron, inc., an electronic manufacturing solution company; global director of program management at sanmina-sci, a leading ems provider; managing director and founder of majital solutions, a marketing and engineering consulting company; and vice president of marketing and engineering of aci, an electronic manufacturing company. a mentor and doctoral student advisor, dr. tehrani is also the author of several textbooks and peer-reviewed medical journal articles.

mr. yun yang advisor to china group

mr. yun yang, advisor to china group, has 19+ years of experience in development of technologies for systems from computing to medical devices. mr. yang has extensive experience in building and managing organizations from small team to large staff across global sites. as founding vice president of engineering for vital connect inc, he was responsible for development of fda/ce approved medical electrocardiogram technology. prior to vital connect, mr. yang was senior director at marvell semiconductor inc, where he led several engineering teams. he holds a ms degree from university of southern california and a bs degree from sun yat-sen university. mr. yang is very passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. he has received ntp certification from nutritional therapist association, one of the leading functional nutrition organizations in the world.

dr. steven steinhubl md, cardiologist, chief medical adviser

dr. steven steinhubl, md, cardiologist, chief medical adviser, has extensive practice experience and research in medical and engineering field. as the director of digital medicine at stsi his focus is on the development of clinical trials designed to identify the role of mobile technologies in improving the care of individual patients.  his cardiology and interventional cardiology fellowships were at the cleveland clinic foundation where he was also chief cardiology fellow. prior to joining scripps steve was the director of cardiovascular wellness and the medical director for employee wellness for the geisinger healthcare system. dr. steinhubl has been principal investigator or helped lead over a dozen large-scale, international randomized trials and has authored nearly 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts as well as numerous book chapters, and abstracts.

dr. jenny jiang md, medical adviser

dr. jenny jiang, md, medical adviser, holds an mba degree from stanford university and a medical doctorate degree from sun yat-sen university. before starting tiger lifescience, she worked for johnson & johnson in us and china. jenny also has rich experience in academia and successfully commercialized innovative technologies as she worked at the south china university of technology as a lecturer and as a founder of her first startup over ten years ago. in addition, jenny has rich entrepreneurial experience as well as multi-national managerial skills. she is very insightful in the biotech industry along with medical devices.

dr. lee winters md, medical adviser

dr. lee winters, md, medical adviser, is chief education officer for bd guidance company in san francisco, and medellin. he divides his time between silicon valley and colombia, south america, advising medical device it and bio-tech companies, using a super computer, big data and cloud computing to analyze personal medical data. dr. winters teaches in medical and business graduate schools in the san francisco bay area and in colombia, south america. as senior vp of clinical affairs at encoll corp in fremont, ca (2012-2014), dr. winters conducted research at stanford university medical school and has authored several medical journal articles. dr. winters served four years as assistant director of mis at stanford university hospital and served two years as ceo of san mateo county hospital.


just as we aim to give our customers the tools they need to stay healthy, all those who have invested in our company have significantly impacted our ability to do so. a special thanks to the following companies:

who can we help?

bridging personal healthcare between hospital and home

for individuals

  • ability to identify changes in health conditions
  • give yourself the right tools to learn about your health condition
  • improved health outcomes and quality of life
  • real-time support and involvement by care providers and care experts
  • access to support from a health community
  • ability to set personal goals and objectives about your health

for providers

  • efficient and evidence-base patient care management
  • notification of anomalies, or threatening conditions of the patient regardless of patient’s location
  • reduction in liability due to real-time access to patient health condition
  • significant reduction in costs from re-admissions as well as lower hospital stays
  • augmented collaboration between healthcare provider and caregivers
  • benefit from various reimbursement options

for payers

  • capturing health metrics of the patient on a regular basis
  • predict the onset of diseases for a given patient
  • efficient and evidence-based of the subscriber’s health assessment
  • reduction in payouts due to home care being a fraction of the costs of a hospital stay
  • increased accountability of the patients and care providers
  • reduced need for sending nurses or medical technicians to perform health checkups resulting in reduction of costs

for corporation

  • healthier employees
  • reduced absenteeism
  • achieving higher employee productivity
  • employee health affects organizational health
  • overall reduction in healthcare cost
  • improving employee morale and loyalty
expecting mothers

pregnancies can be high-risk for many reasons, such as twins, triplets, or multiple fetuses, due to a heightened chance of premature labor. other conditions considered high-risk are high blood pressure, chronic illness, history of preterm labor, and gestational diabetes...

how advances in digital health benefit pregnant women

the dyno, from dynosense corp., is an integrated remote health scanner which can capture a wide range of health metrics from the pregnant woman in her home. it can track up to 33 health metrics containing all basic vitals, for example (i) ecg…

hospital discharge care

patient hospital discharge re-admissions has become a major problem for the healthcare industry.  due to pressure from medicare and other payers, patients are being discharged as soon as possible, where they often return home with little or no professional assistance...

a story of carolyn

carolyn, a baby-boomer aged mother, who is discharged from the hospital after abdominal surgery. she has been hospitalized for several days, and is still in constant pain, requiring regular doses of pain medication…

chronic disease care

the american population is aging, and persistent chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension are ubiquitous. thus, healthcare providers and patients are looking for new solutions to lower their healthcare costs...

a story of david

david m. smith, son of a prominent stanford hospital physician, as a young man in his mid-twenties, living a young bachelor’s dream in san francisco was ruining his health from too much drinking, smoking, eating and partying…

elderly care

the initial wave of baby boomers turned 65 in 2010 making the elderly the fastest-growing segment of the u.s. population. in the past decades, there have been many efforts to reduce health spending, yet the costs of health care continue to escalate...

a story of walter

walter, is an 85-year-old diabetic widower with a history of heart disease who is being discharged from the hospital after treatment from pneumonia. he is being sent home without the benefit of a full-time caregiver since his family lives out of state…

consumer health

individuals are becoming more concerned of their own health and the need to be proactive. with digital services being readily available, individual are now demanding access to their personal health information and looking to instantly and securely share their health information with their care providers...

a story of one dinner

i recently moved and wanted to have a housewarming party to show off my new place, so i invited twelve of my close friends over for an outdoor summer barbeque dinner at my new home. a couple of guests have diabetes…

health scanner

health information are collected from a variety of sources such as our patented health scanner (dyno100), capable of measuring 33+ health metrics in less than 60 seconds, and body composition scale (adore), combined with the patient’s electronic online health records as well as psychological and behavioral data from our mobile health portal (dynolife). all data is then sent to the cloud for machine learning purposes.

health analytics

the collected data will then be analyzed in our secure health cloud ( dynocloud ) and restructured into a personalized and actionable data to identify the health conditions of the individual. we generate a proprietary “health score” and “health grade” from ai powered data analytics platform and machine learning. our big data analytic engine analyzes risk factors and provides customized suggestions. care providers are given access to a dashboard ( dynocare ) where they can monitor the individuals’ periodic status, habits and receive alerts of any troubling changes in the patient’s routine. consumers, patients or seniors also have the option to be communicating in our health social environment where they can receive support from care friends.


environment analytics

lifestyle analytics

vital signs analytics

bio metrics analytics

health cloud

when you have to reach or manage millions of customers then you need a more powerful system to get the work done, and patient data also need to be shared securely with healthcare providers. healthcare regulations are pushing the industry to move towards better storage, collaboration and data sharing in the cloud. it allows safe exchange of data between two parties and also transforms data into meaningful information to make valuable decision in future.
– full micro services cloud system
– hipaa compliant

patient engagement

we need patients to participate in their own health and wellness because it typically drives better outcomes and lowers costs. making the program available to patients is the first step, but true participation requires more:
– join a health community
– interactive online health magazines
– live connect
– health rewards system
– health games


self check

health articles and publications

live connect

personalized health to-do list

health management

all health service providers want to get the most out of their investments. to do so, we need to actively manage health services, ensuring that they are used efficiently and optimally while connecting all stake holders.
– create customizable care plans with pre-generated care plan templates
– live connect and 3-way messaging
– accessible health records for care-providers and care experts
– manage billing system

client testimonials

why our members love us

evvo labs is proud to partner and collaborate with dynosense and provide full it and technical support for dynosense products and services.

ryan wang, evvo labs ceo singapore

we believe this pioneering technology will have a significant positive impact on healthcare delivery in terms of both efficiency and patient outcomes.

mr. adam zhu, jkom chairman nanjing, jiangsu, china

...how your product virtually saved her from a stroke or much worse. the ability to perform so many functions at once is amazing.

randy zahodne, discovery group usa
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comparison of different contact material on ecg signal

abstract: this test is designed to characterize and compare the signal quality of traditional wet (gel) electrode contact material vs. the dry (stainless steel) electrode contact...

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ecg leads comparison of dyno series and its behavior to standard ecg leads characterization

by nik tehrani, phd abstract the purpose of this report is to characterize dyno 100/50 ecg leads and compare its behavior to standard ecg leads....

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