Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Struggle Files: North Dakota Man Stabbed After Threesome Goes Terribly Wrong

There's no getting away from how awkward this story is. A man in North Dakota had his night turn from pleasure to pain during a three-way. Orlando DeWitt (pictured left) was stabbed for not changing positions while engaging in a threesome, late last week. Ashley Hunter, a male who met DeWitt in prison, attacked his bedroom partner during their tryst with another woman. The twosome, was partying with some female friends in Fargo, when they decided to take the party back to Hunter's home. The two men got involved with a woman identified as Leticia. She was giving both men "brain," when Hunter asked DeWitt to switch sides with him. He refused, and got stabbed up instead. After a verbal argument ensued with DeWitt allegedly calling Hunter a "f-cking retard," things turned violent. He attests that Hunter threatened to kill him, and made good on the claim by going and getting a 12-inch knife. When DeWitt (still nude) opened the door to try and escape from his own residence, he "felt the knife cutting the back of his left arm." He used Leticia's phone to call 911. Hunter was charged Monday (Feb. 11) with stabbing DeWitt, and is being held until his March 13 court date. No word yet on how Leticia feels about this whole thing, but if nothing else, she has an interesting story to tell. Read more at http://hiphopwired.com/2013/02/14/the-struggle-files-north-dakota-man-stabbed-after-threesome-goes-terribly-wrong/#z2LGdXIjEIaGliWi.99

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