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NEW MUSIC!! FOUL AL - 2012 Warning

2012 Warning by rennyent

*INSTRUMENTAL* JAY VARSITY - Soldier At War Instrumental

Melodi "Yo Bare'm"(offcial Music Video) Directed by Mario Pignard

*MIXTAPE* Dj Cashtro - Big In The Hood Vol 8

1.Rick Ross Feat. Meek Mill - No Church In The Wild
2.Wale Feat. 2 Chainz, Trey Songz & Rick Ross - Bait (Remix)
3.French Montana ft Ace Hood - Yall Dont Hear Me Tho
4.Big Sean Feat. 2 Chainz - Keep it Gee (Dirty)
5.Gucci Mane Feat. Tity Boi 2 Chainz - Okay With Me
6.Brisco - Get This Money (Feat. Billy Blue & Ghostwridah)
7.Rick Ross - Freestyle
8.Dirt Road Boi - Do My Thang
9.Ace Hood, Gunplay & Torch - Got Damn
10.Fabolous - She Did It
11.Pro Dillinger Feat. Ells Presley, Nobi & Harmonee - On My Job
12.Pusha T - Freestyle
13.Trey Songz - Freestyle
14.Wiz Khalifa - California
15.Rick Ross - Freestyle
16.Bei Maejor - Feat Wale, Trey Songz, T-Pain & J. Cole Trouble (Remix)
17.Tyrese Feat. T.I., Big Sean & Busta Rhymes - Fireworkz (Remix)
18.Ludacris feat Damian Marley & Kevin Cossom - Cross My Mind
19.Juvenile Feat. Mannie Fresh - Sweet Love
20.Fabolous Feat. Trey Songz - Spend It
21.Fabolous Feat. Jadakiss Styles P - BET
22.Yo Gotti Feat. BG & Young Jeezy - Gangstas & Thugs
23.Meek Mill - Freestyle
24.Dirt Road Boyz - Hard In The Paint
25.Contact DJ Cashtro


Greg Packs - Passion for Perfection

2011 year in review: Notable deaths in classical music and jazz

2011 year in review: Notable deaths in theater and comedy


“Watch The Throne” Tour Behind The Scenes (Episode 7)


50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo “Nah Nah Nah” (Video)

Check Out …

@TOOSICKMUSIC PRESENTS: For The Ladies: 2011 End of the Year Mix

Charlie Smarts (of Kooley High) - Cortisone feat Rapper Big Pooh

Soulbrotha f/ Large Pro x Nutso : Beats by the Pound [Dir. by Ali Charlemagne]

Slim Thug – Houston

Smoke DZA – SweetBabyKushedGod

Nucci Reyo – The Sky Is The Limit Freestyle

Reporter slips and says top cock instead of top cop and the laughs begin

@Grafh – Dope Boy Freestyle

Rum – Aint None But Some Dope (feat. Pusha T)

Drake Denies Rumors of Leaving Young Money at Concert

TI talks New Mixtape with Dr. Dre

50 Cent and T.I. End Beef

Hip-Hop's Finest Salute the Best of 2011 [VIDEO]

Jadakiss Reflects on 10-Year Anniversary of His Solo Debut LP

50 Cent Invades NYC’s Webster Hall [Video]

Florida Man Steals Ambulance to Drive Himself to the Hospital

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Video: The Weeknd “The Knowing”

Aleon Craft & George Clinton – Mothership: The Decatur Connection [Mixtape]


Video: Action Bronson & Statik Selektah “Cirque Du Soleil”

Krystal Klear & Olivier Day Soul 'Never Thought You Would Go' (Eglo records)

yU - Talks About His Album "The EARN

The G.O.O.D. Music LP Is Damn Near Done According To Big Sean

From what I believe was behind the scenes of he and Wale’s “Slight Work” video (a dope song, by the way), Big Sean sheds light on what will soon become one of the more anticipated projects of the new year. Donning the coat first worn by Cruella Deville in Disney’s 101 Dalmations, the guy who finally became famous in 2011 had these exact words to say in regards to the forthcoming compilation. According to Sean “Everybody on G.O.O.D., we all working on the new project. It’s almost done. I’m going to London to finish it up.”

Sean then goes on to give a brief table of contents of what he hopes ’12 produces, which includes a new mixtape and album set to drop around the summer time. Let’s get back to this G.O.O.D. compilation for a moment however. Given the star power – Kanye, CuDi, Sean, and Pusha – it’s not as if they’d have to sacrifice their creative integrity to produce a hit. If the quality of this music is anything close to what the “G.O.O.D. Fridays” series provided, we’ve got a serious contender for album of the year (which hasn’t even started yet). Yeah, you’re right. It’s probably better if we wait to hear the music first though.

Fifteen Years Later, Nas Talks “It Was Written”

Following Illmatic, especially in retrospect, is the most impossible task in Hip-Hop history. Dubbed the greatest work of art the culture ever spawned, Nas’ sophomore effort, It Was Written, was thrown under the bus as a disappointment long after it shelves. But, it far from that, actually. Nasir carved time out of his schedule to speak with the folks at XXL to shed light on the project, which turned 15 years old this year. Ironically, IWW continues to stand the test of time as Nas’ highest selling album and one that dropped during the most tense (and violent) period of the genre’s young life.

The brief read touches on several issues such as Dr. Dre’s influence on the album the legacy of Lauryn Hill. Esco also sheds light on the record “I Gave You Power” and how he never saw his situation with Tupac as “beef.”

That song also partially led to ‘Pac taking issue with you ’cause he had the same track on All Eyez on Me that he released that same year. What was your reaction when you heard that ‘Pac accused you of taking the same track?

See, I was always into ‘Pac early before his controversial side blew up all over America and the world. I was already into his music. I saw him as a kindred spirit, I saw him as a brother, so it was like beefin’ with your brother. Not even beefin’, it felt like, your brother over there’s a little mad. This is an issue right now, so you gotta deal with it.

What was your inspiration for “I Gave You Power?”

A Premier beat. Just a beat from Premier… in the studio. Back then I was around a lot more guns and my reality was that. There was no armed security back then, it was just us moving around so that was a lot more in my world.

Read the full interview at XXL’s online headquarters.

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*UNRELEASED JASON BLACK* Black Millionz Ft Krys John- Niggaz In Paris freestyle

Black Millionz Ft Krys John- Niggaz In Paris freestyle by Jason Black 845


Wais P X Dj Premier "Come Back To Collect" Official HD Video



2Pac Long Lost Son Emerges! LMAO!!

The Weeknd - Next [Music Video]

SHOTS FIRED: Alphonso Ribeiro got some words about the first aunt viv

Ace Hood – My Speakers (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

50 Cent – “Put Your Hands Up” Official Music Video

Video: Cory Gunz Ft Meek Mill – YMCMB MMG …….Directed by John Colombo

Meet - Shay Moss

UN Enables Police Brutality in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – As the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights points the finger at the Haitian National Police for brutality it is important to point out the level of culpability that the organization, itself, has in these cases.

Firstly, it should be noted to all that the United Nations and organizations of the like have been operating in Haiti since as early as 1954, coming in with humanitarian aid after Hurricane Hazel killed 1,000 people.

The international body’s arrival was near the tail end of Haiti’s last great president, Paul Eugene Magloire , Time Magazine’s cover story that February. And as the story went for former President Magloire:
In 1954, when Hurricane Hazel ravaged Ha├»ti and relief funds were stolen, Magloire’s popularity fell. In 1956 there was a dispute about when his presidency would end; he fled the country amid strikes and demonstrations. – Paul Magloire, Wikipedia

To make a long story short, following Magloire’s departure, Haiti went through four (4) heads of state for the next couple of years until finally, in 1957, stability came in the form of Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier who established a brutal dictatorship that lasted three (3) decades. The United Nations was in Haiti through it all.
Enablers of Systematic Corruption

The level responsibility of the United Nations in the reported acts of abuse by the Haitian police is that they are enablers of these crimes; that are crimes against humanity.

Because, how is it that 48 hours after Transparency International ranks Haiti at the bottom in the Western Hemisphere in its annual Perception of Corruption Index (2011), that the United Nations, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, all and more, resolve to disburse hundreds of millions of dollars to Haiti?

60 million for education, 50 million for roads, 70 million for agriculture and 75 million for the government budget are some examples of the headlines. These monies for projects are decided by, managed by and worked by UN personnel and Haitian institutions, members of the government, directors of departments, sit with idle hands; devil’s tools.

Today, about 99% of Haitian government officials, from the president of the republic to the local mayor have not declared their assets such as how many homes owned, businesses owned or dollars in bank accounts, within the 30-day period of taking office as mandated by Haitian law. Today, there are criminals coordinating Haiti’s elections, presidents that do not observe the Constitutional agreement they have with the people of Haiti and police officers who have to enforce the “rule of law” that is not consistent for all.

It is not to say that the United Nations is the root-cause of rampant corruption in Haiti, no, this is the fault of those individuals but if the United Nations and other such organizations are putting in hundreds of millions of dollars into the country, they must own some of the responsibility.

At the very least, these donors and long-time givers of “humanitarian” aid own the responsibility of ensuring that the men and women of the government of Haiti are abiding by the contract that they have with the people of Haiti.

Since 1954, the United Nations and others have not owned up to that and for this reason, they are enablers of systematic corruption in Haiti and what transpires from it.
The Police, Always Stuck in the Middle

The enablers of corruption in Haiti are now going after police officers, men and women who signed up to enforce the law in a country where the highest authorities break the law everyday and are rewarded for it. The police in Haiti are under-paid, out-manned, insufficiently armed and are constantly subject to manipulation by corrupt individuals in the Haitian government.

It is unjust to start looking for justice at the level of the Haitian police, men and women who walk among the population every day, have kids that attend the same schools as the rest of the population and see, for themselves, every day what is going on in Haiti. It would be unjust.

The United Nations needs to start demanding transparency and accountability for its aid and support to Haiti. If transparency and accountability cannot be attained by the UN, then don’t give the aid because it undermines the work of good Haitians that are trying to fix the problem.

Today, it is not known where dollars are going, where they are coming from, what projects are being completed and how efficient were they executed, if at all. And there is more, much much more, along those lines that can be said about this.

The Haitian police are just law enforcement officers working under the most extreme conditions but this article should not be construed as a pass for those who have committed any such abuse against citizens. It is an indictment against the United Nations for negligence, criminal association, accessory, racketeering, and among many other things bribery…

2011-12 HEAT Intro Video

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(Album) Grittylyf south/k.i.c.k ent presents: Young Sha - Principles of Loyalty

New album from Young sha

Nas Remembers the Making of Stillmatic & Hip Hop Is Dead

Next week will mark the 10th anniversary of Nas’ Stillmatic album. Aside from being an incredible body of work, the LP also contained one of Nas’ most scathing diss records of all time; “Ether.” We all remember how brazen his beef with Jay-Z got but after they reconciled it was almost hard to believe they were beefing in the first place. While talking about Stillmatic with XXL, Carl Cherry hit Esco with the ultimate question.

XXL: You and Jay are friends now. Do you ever talk about “Ether?” Like, “Oh, you got me with that line.”
Nas: Not really. I mean, I think right now anybody who’s made it from the ’80s era, the ’90s, got into hip-hop and still stickin’ around and still here, still feelin’ great about life… I think that’s enough. I think anybody today, any peer of mine is just appreciative of the life that we’ve made for ourselves. We didn’t know anything. We didn’t know that this was gonna be the outcome, that we’d be around at this time doing what we’re doin’. I think everybody’s just on that page.

Nas talks about recoding “Black Republican” With Jay-Z after the jump…

You also had the “Black Republican” joint with Jay on the album. What was that session like?

Nas: It was a party. Not like tons of people. Easy party. That was actually us warming up to working together. We never got a chance. Maybe I over-thought it. I needed the beat. I mean, we needed the beat to be crazy. We wanted Dre to do it, then we wanted ‘Ye to do it. And I had a timeline and shit. It never would have came out, so I go back to the thought of, “This is rap music. This is bangin’ on the lunchroom table and makin’ a freestyle, so, don’t over-think it. Here it is. Take it, guys. This is what it is.” We wanted to get off a crazier joint, but never got around to it.

REALHIPHOPDAILY.COM/Uncle Murda Speaks on New Mixtape, New York Artists, Max B, Jay-Z & More

Nelly Feat. T.I. & 2 Chainz – Country Ass Nigga

Missing Indiana Girl Found Dead

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Top Political Scandals of the Year

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Hacking group mounts major cyber attack

Celebrity scandals of 2011

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Happy Holidays From G.O.D./ ST3 Productions1 & Gredi Films

K-tas - Regulate mixed down off da new mixtape

K-tas - Regulate mixed down off da new mixtape by ktas

The Varcity Experience




TONY YAYO G-UNIT by trevmunroe

SHAQ INTRO by trevmunroe

New Emperor Chi feat. Uncle Murda ” Whut Up Boi ” (Produced by Sire)


(New R&B) Kingz Ink & DJ L-Gee Present Lucky Nights Vol. 15 Hosted By One Chance

Nelly - O.E.M.O

Young Chris-Young Christmas EP-[Explicit][Official]

Fabolous - There Is No Competition: Death Comes In 3'S (Official Mixtape)

Ryan Leslie - "Good Girl" (Official Music Video)

xmas themed hip hop artist spoof vid lmaooo

LoveRance Ft. 50 Cent – Up!

50 Cent - "They Burn Me" Official Music Video

Bow Wow – ‘Come Around’

Video: Young Chris Signs Deal with Division 1 Universal Motown

Fat Joe f. Chris Brown - Another Round (Official Video)

GZA-Harvard Lecture (part 1) - YouTube

Slim Dunkin's Old hood shows him love #Dirt Gang, #Celebration of Life

About to be taken off life support, man wakes up

Carmelo Hightlights Vs Boston Xmas Day (video)

Gunman dressed as Santa kills 6 in Christmas Day murder-suicide

Hours before deadly Christmas morning fire, victim was playing Santa at Saks

Thieves busted after pocket-dialing 911

Common Speaks On Attacking "Soft" Rappers

The Worst Mixtape Covers of All Time

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[video] News Anchor Robin Robinson Apologizes for saying “There Is No Santa”

[video] Model Rosa Acosta Feeds the Homeless in LA’s Skid Row

[video] Spartacus: Vengeance (4 Minute Preview)

[video] MEN IN BLACK 3 (Trailer #1)

[video] G.I. Joe: Retaliation Exclusive Premiere Trailer [HD]

[video] Police find 1.5kg of Cocaine Hidden Inside a Woman’s Dreadlock

[video] THE EXPENDABLES 2 (Teaser Trailer)

[pic] Cops investigate Facebook Child Duct Taped Photo

[video] The Dark Knight Rises – (Official Teaser Trailer #2)

[video] Victor Ortiz ADMITS Intentionally Trying To Break Floyd Mayweather’s Nose

[video] Grand Pa LMFAO ‘Shufflin’

Video: Neako "Validus"

Mixtape: Willie Green "Four Seasons: Winter"

The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame's Failure To Induct Eric B & Rakim

Common Talks Drake "Diss" On Shade 45

Video: Common & Maya Angelou Hash It Out On 106 & Park

Video: Common Checks In With The Breakfast Club

S.Ko - Pages Turnin’ (Official Video)S.Ko - Pages Turnin

Explosive Krayzie Bone



Fabolous Talks Features, Production On "There Is No Competition 3"

Kendrick Lamar - "A.D.H.D. [SOB's Performance]"

Shawty Lo Hospitalized For Diabetes, In Stable Condition

Max B Releases Trailer For "Wavy Baby" Blu-ray Documentary