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Shadow Government Full Movie

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Jay-Z Q&A with the audience from Charlie Rose

Lenny Kravitz on living with Teena Marie: “She took me in when I was 16″

Romanian Man Tries to Kill Himself in the Middle of Parliament

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Jordan Retro 13 Altitude Green colorway

Monster Daft Punk Edition Tron Headphones(PICS)

Jay-Z's friend and collaborator Dream Hampton explains how "Decoded" almost never happened and why its cultural impact is bigger than him.

Jay-Z’s Decoded currently holds down the number 16 spot on the New York Times’ list of best sellers. Critics have praised the memoir/lyric book, and after Forbes estimated Jay-Z’s 2009 income at $63 million it’s clear that the book wasn’t penned because Jay-Z was hurting for some extra cash. The success of the book may end up adding to Jay-Z’s influence on mainstream popular culture, but Decoded collaborator, Dream Hampton pointed to different impact.

“His ruminations and his ideas about where he comes from—that kind of poverty, what our generation of boys did to get out of that poverty, what the consequences were—to me is far more of a zeitgeist than Hip Hop,” Hampton told Jackie Pou of PBS. “It’s very solid, economic and measurable, whether there’s jail sentences or the actual billion-dollar industry of crack.”

Hampton said she became friends with Jay-Z after meeting him in 1996 following a review of Reasonable Doubt. She described herself as a “filter,” during the process of putting Decoded together. And while the book touches on over a decade worth of Jay-Z lyrics, influential emcees and social commentary, it could have just as easily never happened.

“The two worked together on an autobiography of the artist, but the project was shelved because he couldn’t imagine the details of his life in the hands of someone else,” Pou wrote.

In the end, the hybrid approach was a commercial success, and those in and outside of the culture have critically embraced the book.

“He certainly sat us down and said he wanted to write a teachable book,” Hampton added. “And we had all these conversations about whether or not that makes Hip Hop more valid. This is a very important oral tradition and it doesn’t need to be canonized necessarily.”

Reggie shouts out his favorite Jersey up and comers and sets the record straight regarding Jersey Shore

New Jersey’s favorite son, Redman, took some time out to speak on the state of his state regarding its current contribution to Hip Hop, or lack thereof. Talking with the Brick City legend discussed the pressure he feels being one of the only stars out holding it down for the Garden State:“It’s still a lot of room for Jersey cats. You know, we got dudes, I know Joe Budden’s holding down [Jersey City] but we need more. Me and him just can’t do it on our own. There’s so much talent out there.”

But the man born Reggie Noble is quick to name some up and coming talent he believes will raise Jersey’s profile, saying, “You got Ransom out there, he’s coming up, he’s been hitting hard. He just needs that one, that one to get up there to say, ‘Alright, he’s official, he’s Jersey.’ My nephew [Ready Roc] is next…Arsenal is always doing his thing. We need an album from Arsenal…We need something to solidify, saying, ‘Yo, this is how Jersey run. We got our own anthem. Yo, when the shit is going down over here, yeah I know we’re five minutes from New York, but we still own the world.’…We deal with all types of music but we’re great emcees out here.”

The Gilla House CEO also took some time to joke around about his home state’s most notorious export, MTV’s Jersey Shore. While he prefaced his comments by saying he hadn’t seen much of the show he made sure to let the world know that that portrayal of New Jersey is far from the one he knows: “I don’t knock cats…it’s great it’s supporting Jersey. It’s bringing money to Jersey…I appreciate that love but everybody know, that’s from Jersey, that that is far from what Jersey is.”

The Last Days of the Roc Directed by Choke No Joke PART 1

Amar’e Stoudemire dunks on LeBron James

(Download) Domination - ''King(Dom)'' The Mixtape


Nottz and Asher Roth - Rawth EP


David Banner & 9th Wonder Q&A w/ MTV (Video)

Jon Connor Speaks On The Future, His Name & More (Video)

This Kid's Got Mad Talent: Watch As 9-Year Old Starr Andrews Skates To Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" [Video]

American Relief Worker Paul Waggoner Jailed In Haiti On Accusations He Used Voodoo To Turn 15-Month Old Baby Into A Zombie

Recently we covered a story about Haitian voodoo priests being lynched by angry mobs accusing them of spreading cholera in the earthquake ravaged country.

Another voodoo related story has just emerged, this time involving an American relief worker.

32-year old Paul Waggoner, the co-founder of Materials Management Relief Corps has been accused of turning a 15-month old dead baby boy into a zombie for the purpose of selling it’s organs. Waggoner is being held in prison pending further investigation after a judge ruled there was enough evidence to look into the charges further.

The accusation was made by the child’s father Frantz Philistin, who brought the sick child to a hospital in February. Philistin handed the child over to Waggoner, who then took the child to doctors. The child died, but wasn’t treated by Waggoner.

When the father came back the next day doctors say he saw the baby and confirmed his death. He refused to take the child with him, insisting he didn’t have the money for a burial, and the child was cremated by the hospital. But now Philistin is accusing Waggoner of performing voodoo on the child to keep him alive.

“My son is not dead, when I tried to close his eyes they wouldn’t close. When I tried to close his mouth it wouldn’t close,” Philistin told AOL news. Doctors on call at the time of the child’s death dispute Philistin’s claims.

“I listened to the baby’s chest for at least two minutes,” Dr Kenneth Adams said. “And there were neither breath sounds nor heartbeat. Rigor mortis had set it, the baby’s lips and skin were bluish gray and there was corneal clouding of the eyes. I always take very seriously pronouncing the death of any patient.”

Waggoner’s friends are concerned or his safety.

Paul Sebring came to Haiti with Waggoner, he says the prison conditions his friend is being kept in are horrible.

We’ve literally given up everything in our lives to come help, and then this happens, we need help,” Sebring told MyFoxPhoenix. “The conditions he‘s in now I‘ve been to the prison. I wouldn’t even put an animal through that.” The U.S. State Department is monitoring the case closely according to spokesman P.J. Crowley.

What’s uncertain is how long Waggoner will remain jailed and if the U.S. can do anything to get him released.

Juelz Santana Ft Skull Gang - Here We Are (Official Music Video)

Clooney, Google team up to help Sudan

BOSTON — George Clooney has initiated a cutting-edge human rights project that combines satellite photographs, field reports and Google technology to help prevent the resumption of a deadly civil war in Sudan.

To launch Wednesday, the Satellite Sentinel Project analyzes satellite images and on-the-ground reporting to monitor the tense border between North and South Sudan.

Oil-rich southern Sudan will vote on Jan. 9 to determine whether or not to become independent from the rest of Sudan. Experts warn that Sudan could plunge back into civil war if the northern-based government of President Omar al-Bashir refuses to accept the South’s independence. The tensions surrounding the election could spark the world’s next genocide, according to human rights activists.

Clooney said the satellite images will expose any major preparations for war in Sudan such as troop movements and shipments of heavy weapons and tanks.

“We want to let potential perpetrators of genocide and other war crimes know that we’re watching, the world is watching,” said Clooney. “War criminals thrive in the dark. It’s a lot harder to commit mass atrocities in the glare of the media spotlight.” Clooney has emerged as one of the most credible voices on Sudan, after visiting the troubled country several times and speaking out on the need for peace there.

The actor came up with the idea of satellite surveillance when he visited the tense border area in October. Then he pulled together the unprecedented collaboration and finance needed to make it a reality.

Clooney persuaded cooperation between Not On Our Watch, which is a Hollywood human rights group, and the Enough Project, a Washington-based anti-genocide group. He also orchestrated the involvement of UNOSAT (the United Nations Operational Satellite Applications Program), the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Google and Trellon, which is an internet strategy and development firm. Together, all the groups for a coalition that will provide an early warning system to focus world attention and generate rapid responses on human rights and human security concerns.

The Sudan project works like this: Commercial satellites passing over the border between North and South Sudan will transmit detailed images of activities in the area. The satellite photographs will show possible threats to civilians, such as the massing of soldiers and the deliveries of weapons. The satellite photographs will also record any attacks on refugees and displaced people and will provide evidence of any violence such as bombed and razed villages.

UNOSAT will collect and analyze the images and collaborate with Google and Trellon to make the images and reports easily accessible to the public on the internet on

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative will collect on-the-ground reports from aid groups in Sudan that will corroborate what is shown in the photographs. The Enough Project will contribute field reports, provide policy analysis, and, together with Not On Our Watch, will publicize the findings and will pressure policymakers to act.

Not On Our Watch has provided the $750,000 needed for the six-month project. Not On Our Watch was started by Hollywood actor Don Cheadle, star of "Hotel Rwanda," to prevent any other genocide. Not On Our Watch members include Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, David Pressman and Jerry Weintraub.

The Satellite Sentinel Project marks the first sustained, public effort to systematically monitor and report on potential hotspots and threats to security along a border, in near real-time (within 24 to 36 hours). It is the first time satellite and internet technology have been used to try to prevent humanitarian disasters and human rights crimes before they occur, according John Prendergast, Enough Project co-founder.

"Deterrence is our objective," said Prendergast. "We want to contribute to the prevention of war between North and South Sudan. If war does ignite, we want to hold accountable those responsible, and hopefully deter human rights crimes that would be committed in the context of war."

The United States has the satellite technology to monitor potential trouble spots, but those images are not made public. The secrecy allows U.S. officials to make policy decisions without taking into consideration a public outcry. By making the images public immediately, Clooney and his team hope that the U.S. and other governments will be pressed to take actions should civil war in Sudan appear imminent, according to those close to the project.

"The new year brings good news for Sudan," Enough Project's director of communications Jonathan Hutson told GlobalPost. "This is Clooney's brainchild. He engaged the ingenuity and resources of peacemakers and tech titans to make it happen. The Not On Our Watch founders used their big names and their big money to seed a visionary project that will transform the way peace is waged, from now on."

Nathaniel Raymond of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative is equally excited about the Satellite Sentinel Project.

“Never before has a project used technology on this level to try to prevent violence and human rights abuses. George Clooney and Not On Our Watch have put forward the money to make it possible,” said Raymond, who will verify on-the-ground reports that will give the context of the satellite photographs.

“For me, this is the culmination of many years of work,” said Raymond, a human rights investigator with a decade of experience in documentation of human rights violations. “Too often we in human rights work only play catch-up to find out how an atrocity happened. Here we are using documentation to try to prevent something from happening. If something happens at night, the policy makers can see it the next morning, not days or even weeks later.”

Raymond said he and others are excited about working together because they all see it as a ground-breaking project.

“This team is amazing,” said Raymond. “We are working with the leaders in many different fields to encourage peace in Sudan. We’re like the Magnificent Seven, but we’re all nerds. And George Clooney is the man in black.”

Burned Body Found in Texas Might Be Missing Fifth-Grader Jonathan Foster

Mudslide fears as new storm socks California

LOS ANGELES — A new winter storm packing rain, snow and powerful winds moved into Southern California on Wednesday, but there were no early reports of damage in areas at risk of mudslides.
Authorities were keeping a wary eye on Highland in San Bernardino County, where about 50 homes remained evacuated after last week's deluge caused mud to belch from local mountains, overwhelming a drain channel and inundating some homes with feet-deep ooze.
On Tuesday, about 700 shovel-toting volunteers took advantage of sunny weather to clear mud from around dozens of homes.
There was concern about debris basins meant to hold boulders, trees and muddy storm water swept down from the mountains.
"There's still 50,000-plus cubic yards of debris plugging them up. So we just don't know how a major rain coming off the mountainside would contain the debris," said Bill Peters, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. "We've been pumping water out of them since last Thursday, 24-7," he added. "They're down, but still, if we get a catastrophic debris flow like we got last week, it could get interesting."
The latest, fast-moving storm reached the area at about 3 a.m. after hitting Northern California on Tuesday night. Wind, gale and flood warnings were up through the morning from Fresno County southward.
The cold northern storm was expected to dump up to an inch of rain in four to five hours, followed by winds gusting to 75 mph in mountains and passes.
The rain and strong winds moved into the San Francisco Bay area during the Tuesday evening commute and caused arrival delays of more than two hours at San Francisco International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration reported. The National Weather Service warned that blowing snow and ice could make driving treacherous in the Grapevine area of Interstate 5, the main highway between Southern and Central California.
The same storm system prompted a blizzard warning through Thursday night for mountainous areas of eastern Arizona. The weather service predicted 14 to 25 inches above the 6,000-foot level with winds gusting to 60 mph Wednesday.
The storm was fueled by subtropical moisture from north of Hawaii, combined with low pressure over the Northeast Pacific. The previous storms were fed by a similar plume, but it originated from south of the Hawaiian Islands and rained most heavily in the southern half of the California.
The California Department of Transportation was still working to repair extensive damage to routes in the inland counties east of Los Angeles.
Among the worst damage sites was a section of State Route 330 that slid down a mountain, leaving a huge gap in the road that leads to resorts at Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains. There was no estimate of how long it would take to restore the route, Caltrans said.

Inspector Gadget: Original Series

Trapaholics: Rubba Band Business


Wiz Khalifa: The Chronic 2010


DJ Whiteowl – Whiteowl Drop That 149

01 – Lloyd Banks – Exclusive
02 – Lloyd Banks & Reek Da Villian – The Whole Club
03 – 50 Cent – Here We Go Again
04 – Jadakiss & Fabolous – One In A Million
05 – Styles P & Johnny Blanco – U Don’t Want War
06 – Styles P – Freestyle
07 – Hell Rell – On The Rise
08 – Kanye West, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Teyana Taylor, Pusha T, Big Sean, CyHi Da Prynce & Musiq – Christmas In Harlem
09 – Cam’ron – Bacdafucup
10 – Cam’ron – Old School Freestyle
11 – Peedi Crack – 10 Feet
12 – Philly Swain, Tone Trump & Tech N9ne – Philly On My Back
13 – Joell Ortiz & Reek Da Villian – Freestyle (Jackin’ Beats)
14 – Fabolous & Trey Songz – May I
15 – Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nicki Minaj – Roman’s Revenge Pt. 2
16 – Grafh – 6’7 Freestyle
17 – Jae Millz – End The Year
18 – Sheek Louch – Animal
19 – D-12 – Kill Zone
20 – Ghostface Killah Ft. Busta Rhymes – Superstar Status
21 – Ghostface Ft. Game & Joell Ortiz – Drama
22 – Consequence – Freestyle
23 – Joe Budden – Ordinary Pt. 1
24 – Sheek Louch – Blood
25 – Hell Rell Ft. JR Writer & 40 Cal – The After Party
26 – Bonus Track

Cookin Soul & Smif-N-Wessun – Stockin Stuffers (Hood X-Mas)

01 – Smif-N-Wessun – Merry Little Xmas
02 – Smif-N-Wessun – North Pole Skit
03 – Smif-N-Wessun – Xmas In Bucktown
04 – Smif-N-Wessun – Jingle Bells
05 – Smif-N-Wessun – Home Alone
06 – Smif-N-Wessun – Merry Little Xmas Pt 2
07 – Smif-N-Wessun – Santa Live On The Internet
08 – Smif-N-Wessun – This Xmas
09 – Smif-N-Wessun – A Message From Santa
10 – Smif-N-Wessun – Xmas Vacation
11 – Smif-N-Wessun – Happy Holidays
12 – Smif-N-Wessun – Outro

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01. Drop
02. Teena Marie - I need your lovin
03. Teena Marie - Ooo la la La
04. Teena Marie - Behind the groove
05. Teena Marie feat Rick james - Fire and Desire
06. Teena Marie - it must be magic
07. Teena Marie - Why Can't I Get Next To You
08. Teena Marie - Can It Be Love
09. Teena Marie - yes indeed!
10. Teena Marie - Why Did I Have To Fall In Love With You
11. Teena Marie - portuguese love


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Busta Rhymes Breaks Down Crying On African Woman After Visiting The House Of The Slaves (Sad)

Street Family aka "The Family" Photo Shoot: Fabolous, Red Cafe, Paul Cain & Broadway


"I'm going out to shovel snow and see if I can make me a few extra dollars today. I'm charging more if they want to take pictures. I want a hundred dollars if your stuck. Ill get you out. Lol"

Lil Mama Gets Boo'd Off Stage At Webster Hall In New York!

Victim's Step-Brother Calls G-Dep An 'Idiot' For Surrendering To Police

DMX's Ex-Wife Claims Arizona Police Conspired To Arrest Him

Cookin’ Soul & Don Cannon Present Nas – The Lost Tapes 1.5 (Mixtape)


Consumers' holiday splurge may be just that

WikiLeaks Set To Reveal US-UFO War In Southern Ocean(A MUST READ)

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Busta Rhymes Romans Revenge Remix Live


Ells Presley - Russian ells freestyle (Mix)
2.Regardless - Shark Bait Mixtape
3.What time It Is Ft Stix Dippa - Shark Bait Mixtape
4.Shark Year Freestyle - Shark bait Mixtape
5.Ells Presley - We Dont need 'Em
6.Ha Ha Freestyle - Shark bait Mixtape
7.Who dat Freestyle Ft Gator Blaque - Shark Bait Mixtape
8.Been a Boss Freestyle - Shark Bait Mixtape
9.Frontin Hahh - Shark bait Mixtape
10.Fuck What You Talkin Bout Ft Stix Dippa - Shark bait Mixtape
11.In It For The Green - Shark Bait Mixtape
12.I Don't know Ft Stix Dippa - Shark Bait Mixtape
13.So Saucey Ft Gator Blaque - Shark Bait Mixtape
14.You Aint Big Meech Ft Gator Blaque - Shark Bait Mixtape
15.Peter Roll - Shark Bait Mixtape
16.SnakeEye's(Bones,Ells,Rikko,Stix) - What We Are - Bones Bitch vol.3



Curren$Y - Daze Of Thunder (Official Video)

Reek Da Villian - The Gift


G-Dep Freestyle In The Whip! (Last Freestyle. Shot Just A Few Days Before Turning Himself In For Murder)

R.I.P Teena Marie (R&B Artist Who Used To Sing Under Cash Money Records): Her Last Interview (Speaks On Relationshop With Cash Money, Thoughts On Lil Wayne, Drake & Corny Music)

Lil Wayne ft. Junior Reid – RappaPomPom

Video: Lloyd Banks Interview & Freestyle on Westwood’s Crib Sessions







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David Banner & 9th Wonder (Feat. Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosius) - Be With You

Tech N9ne – Bad Season Mixtape

Lloyd – Let’s Get It In Video (Feat. 50 Cent)

Diggy Simmons – Past, Presents, Future Mixtape

Enrique Iglesias – Tonight (I’ll Be Loving You) Video (Ft. Ludacris)

Jamie Foxx – Best Night Of My Life 2010 LISTEN ALBUM STREAM ONLINE


Keyshia Cole – Calling All Hearts [2010] LISTEN ALBUM STREAM ONLINE


G-Dep Officially Indicted For Confessed Murder

Former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep may have finally gotten the peace he was looking for but at a hefty cost; 25 years to life.
A New York grand jury officially indicted him for murder Tuesday after he confessed to shooting a man three times in the chest when he was 18 and fleeing the scene.
Since his confession, Dep, real name Trevell Coleman, told The NYPost that he didn't know his victim died when he decided to come clean on the cold case.
According to Dep, he just wanted a clean conscience.
“I was surprised — for some reason, I really didn't think that he died,” the bald and bearded Coleman said in a jailhouse interview. “When they told me, I was like, ‘Oh, I'm not going home after this.”

His lawyer, Michael Alperstein, claims Coleman was prompted to confess to the crime as part of a 12-step program to conquer his battle with drug addiction.
Dep remains behind bars pending his sentencing.

Nas Shows Love To Needy Families For The Holidays

Nas Feeds Families for the Holidays
Legendary emcee Nas brought in some holiday cheer for over 250 people in Harlem at this year's second Annual Dinner at Melba's benefit.
The charity, hosted by restaurateur Melba Wilson, took place on December 22 to spread love to families in the community affected by HIV/AIDS.
Nas, who is preparing for his second tour with reggae artist Damien Marley, seemed more than delighted to give back before heading to New Zealand in February.

Lauryn Hill Announces Winter Tour

Lauryn Hill Announces Tour Dates
For those who thought that Lauryn Hill was done performing after this summer's performances-think again.
Lauryn has announced a winter tour and plans to hit cities across the country between December 27th and February.
Although there is no official date on when/if an album will be released, Lauryn plans to rock out on at stage near you, check the dates below to see if your city is on the list.
Dec. 27 – New York, NY – Highline Ballroom
Dec. 28 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
Jan. 1 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom
Jan. 3 – New York, NY – The Blue Note
Jan. 4 – New York, NY – The Blue Note
Jan. 5 – New York, NY – The Blue Note
Jan. 8 – Charlotte, NC – Amos' Southend
Jan. 9 – Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel
Jan. 12 – Charleston, SC – The Music Farm
Jan. 14 – Atlanta, GA – Centerstage
Jan. 16 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
Jan. 18 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue
Jan. 20 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues
Jan. 22 – Toronto, ON – Sound Academy
Jan. 23 – Montreal, QC – Metropolis
Jan. 29 – Atlantic City, NJ – House of Blues
Feb. 4 – Montclair, NJ – The Wellmont Theatre

RMGTV: Ells Presley Shark Tales Commercial