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Honda 3R-C Concept pictures

Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon EVO M pictures

2011 Porsche Cayenne Pictures

Inspectah Deck – The Champion

download here

On The Set Of ‘Our Dreams’ With Raekwon, Ghostface And Method Man

DJ Doo Wop x Unkut – Counterstrike

01. Doo Wop – Intro
02. Smiley The Ghetto Child – No Shorts
03. Willie The Kid – American Idol
04. Prospect – My Religion
05. Kamazakee – New Ballgame (feat. Verse)
06. F.T. (aka Fuc That) – Unkut Freestyle
07. Capone – Gangsta/Gangsta (feat Lord Nez)
08. Killa Sha – Black-N-Understanding
09. Meyhem Lauren – Animal Science (feat. Roc Marciano)
10. Hard White – Murder She Wrote
11. Milano – Hardcore
12. The Closers – Unkut
13. Kool G Rap – The Closers (feat. Killa Sha)
14. Godchild – People Talking
15. AmazingMaze – Trapped In A Maze (feat. Copywrite & Nut-Rageous)
16. Nut-Rageous – Queenz All-Stars (feat. Craig G)
17. Tribeca – Foul Talk
18. $amhill – The Sky (Rough Version)
19. The Dopplegangaz – The Props (Unkut Mix)

Jay Electronica Praises Soulja Boy, Reveals Project With Nas

Grafh – Bring The Goons Out (Remix) (feat. Jim Jones, Red Cafe, Bun B, Maino & Cassidy)

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Battery Charges Dropped Against Jim Jones

Jim Jones can breathe a little easier now that simple battery charges have been dropped against him.
Jimmy was facing the charge after spring breaker Damion Johns filed charges against him for a March 12 incident.
Johns claims that Jones and members of his entourage beat him outside a Panama city resort.
Video used as evidence in the case surfaced showing Jones actually breaking up the fight.
Jimmy is seen in the white t-shirt and the braids.
He throws no punches.
As previously reported Jones will appear in court June 4 for a separate assault charge after a 2008 brawl with Ne-Yo's manager Jayvon Smith in New York.
He pleaded guilty to that charge.

DJ Khaled Speaks On Why Shyne Was Taken Off His Album

DJ Khaled & DJ Killa K Present - 1219 We The Best (Official Mixtape)

01-Dj Khaled Intro
03-Try Me
04-Aint No Way
05-1219 Gangsta
06-Khaled Interlude
07-Hard Timez
08-Gettin Money
09-Cock The Pump
10-Bang Yo Side
12-Redd Eyezz Interlude
13-Forever Live Gangsta Remix
14-Play Crazy
16-Be A Thug
17-Street Generals
18-Sticks In The Air
19-Gangsta Life
20-Dj Khaled Outro

Rah Digga Remerges With "Warning Shots"

Rah Digga is back after seven years to drop a new track to prepare fans for a new album.
Hopefully it's really coming.
The Flipmode Squad Queen has linked up with Nottz to release “Warning Shots,” a track which gives us a taste of the old “Dirty Harriet.”
Although she pays homage to Lauryn Hill in the opening of the track, Rah Digga has made it plain that she is not to be messed with among the female MCs.
“Turn the blues to sunnys no more Hugh Hef Bunnies/ In this game new money if thirty's the new twenty/ Miss thirty to you honey, respect you elders, I'm that teacher who'll fail you/ F*ck around expel you.”
With all of the fire coming from the females in the game, 2010 just might be the year of the Female MC.
Peep the track and comment and let us know what you think:
Rah Digga - "Warning Shots"

DJ Infamous & Don Cannon Present Yung LA - Crush Da Block

01 Leland Speaks 1
02 Crush Da Block
03 Bigger Than Life Ft. J. Futuristic & Young Woo
04 L Dot A
05 Leland Speaks 2
06 Yes He Did
07 I Got Money
08 Bird Fly
09 Everywhere
10 Grand Hustle Family Shoutout
11 Damn
12 Da Label
13 All Yall Jaw
14 I’ll Ride Ft. Lito, J. Futuristic & Yo Gotti
15 Everything Ft. Gucci Mane
16 Lean Ft. Big Kuntry & Yo Gotti
17 Leland Speaks 3
18 Peaches
19 Money Ft. BG, TC, Bun B. & Gorilla Zoe
20 Damn I Look Good Ft. Young Dro & Big Kuntry
21 I Am
22 How I Growed Up
23 Don’t It
24 Leland Speaks 4
25 Crush
26 360 Ft. Yung Ralph

Thursday, February 25, 2010



Trey Songz Rehearsing For The BP3 Tour

Silicon Sweatshops: Another black eye for Apple supplier

BEIJING, China — A Taiwanese manufacturer that makes LCD screens and components for tech giants like Apple confirmed Thursday that more of its workers in China were sickened by chemical exposure than it previously reported.
Wintek’s Suzhou, China-based factory, which produces electronic components for some of the world’s most popular gadgets including products made by Apple and Nokia, confirmed reports in government-run media that 62 of its workers, 15 more than initially reported, had fallen ill after toxic chemical exposure at work last summer. Among the factory employees sickened by toxic chemical exposure several months ago, 41 are still hospitalized, said Huang Zhongjie, a spokesman for Wintek in Taiwan.
Huang said the newest poisoning cases emerged through Wintek’s ongoing employee health testing, since the toxic exposure seems to have a latency period before symptoms appear in some people. More cases may come to light through continued regular health screens the company has undertaken at the Suzhou site, Huang said. Huang's comments came after a raft of Chinese media coverage on the factory, including a report from a business newspaper charging that at least 100 factory workers remain hospitalized from toxic exposure. Workers at the factory suffered nerve and muscle damage after working with the toxic chemical hexane to clean component touch screens for electronic products. The company and local government both say Wintek’s factory has since stopped using the chemical in its manufacturing process. Several media outlets, including the official China Daily newspaper in Beijing, have reported the factory makes screens for Apple’s new iPad tablet computer, but a factory manager said Thursday he could not confirm that. Workers were uncertain about the ultimate destination of the LCD screens they made.
Apple maintains a strict air of secrecy about its suppliers. The company did not reply to GlobalPost’s requests for comment this week about the Suzhou factory and toxic exposure problems. In its latest corporate audit of supplier compliance, Apple found that three-quarters of the more than 100 suppliers it audited were in compliance with the company’s codes on health and safety. The audit does not name any specific companies that failed to meet standards.
Wintek’s problems in Suzhou came to a head in early January, when workers staged a violent strike after rumors spread that their annual bonuses had been cancelled. Amid the strike, they also spoke out over the poisoning cases and alleged that at least one worker had died, although the company maintained that the employee died of a heart attack.
The local government has backed up Wintek on that point, saying it has found no evidence that anyone died from hexane exposure in the factory.
The company later released a statement saying the bonus issue was a misunderstanding and workers would receive a bonus payment before the Lunar New Year holiday. At that time, it didn’t address the poisoning cases, which workers said were at the real heart of the strike. Two Suzhou workers told GlobalPost that factory employees were concerned about a lack of information about the hexane poisonings and many suspected a cover-up. In online postings, workers complained about a lack of safety equipment and training when working with the chemical.
Wintek is no stranger to controversy, and labor-rights groups have targeted it as a problematic employer with repeated violations of labor codes. In a five-part series, GlobalPost last year investigated and exposed widespread labor abuses within the Taiwan-based Wintek, chronicling the company’s long history with questionable labor practices in China and elsewhere.
source:global post

Marjah: Miltary success, resident hell

MARJAH, Afghanistan — The dusty squares of Marjah are empty; there is no life, the soul of the place seems to have disappeared. Those residents who are left cower in their homes, afraid of bullets or mines if they venture out, even for food.
“It is a small picture of Doomsday,” said Alishah Mazlumyar, the head of Helmand’s Department of Information and Culture, and a member of the Marjah shura, or council. “Dozens of civilians have been killed. Their families cannot bury the bodies, and for days they have been lying in their houses, beginning to decompose. There is a smell of death here.”
Twelve days into Operation Moshtarak — pitting 15,000 U.S., British and Afghan troops against a few hundred Taliban — the message from the military and diplomatic communities is resolutely upbeat.
Western diplomats term the operation a success, and the media office of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) points to a bright future.
“Signs of steady progress in development and governance are being seen in central Helmand province. Bridges, roads and culverts are being repaired, bazaars are re-opening and attracting customers, and a variety of initiatives are being planned or implemented,” read the IJC press release of Feb. 22.
But those in Marjah are telling a very different story. “There has been very little progress,” said Haji Abdurrahman Jan, the head of the Marjah shura and a former police chief in Helmand. “The foreign and Afghan forces have advanced only 2 kilometers from their descent point. This is very little in relation to their numbers.”
The residents of Marjah, perhaps unrealistically, expected that the operation would be over much more quickly.
“We thought it would take three days, maximum,” said Abdurrahman. “This will have very bad consequences for the people of Marjah.”
But Daud Ahmadi, spokesman for the governor of Helmand, insisted that the slow pace is a deliberate tactic designed to protect the civilian population.
“We do not want civilian people to be harmed,” he said. “We need to take every step with care.”
The official rules of engagement have been made quite strict, according to military sources. The combined troops are allowed to open fire only if they see an insurgent about to shoot.
“The Taliban were waiting to ambush us in Mullah Dost Mohammad square,” one Afghan Army soldier recalled with a grin, as he toyed with his rocket-propelled grenade launcher (RPG). “We attacked them, and they ran into people’s houses. So we conducted a search, and there they are, sitting with no guns, and the owner is telling us ‘No, they are not Taliban.’ There was nothing we could do. Our commander would not let us take them.”
But residents say that the foreign forces are firing with abandon at anyone they suspect could be an insurgent — a difficult call in this predominantly Pashtun area, where most men wear heavy beards and cover their heads with turbans.
Casualty figures for civilians are difficult to confirm; officially, the government is saying that 16 people have died. But residents in Marjah say the toll is much higher.
“Seddiq Jan was a good person,” said a resident of Wakil Wazir Square. “The Americans shot him. There was no one to bury him, so a friend and I dragged him away and quickly put him in a shallow hole and covered him with dirt.” Many of those who are fleeing Marjah for the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah, tell of seeing numerous bodies along the way.
“On the way to Lashkar Gah I saw a woman in a black shawl, lying dead, with blood all around her,” said a man who introduced himself as Sher Jan, from the 1C block of Marjah. “About 100 meters away there was a young man on a motorcycle. He was on the ground, his bloodied hands still gripping the throttle. Someone had shot him in the head.”
Another reason for the lack of progress has been the thousands of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that the Taliban have laid on every available surface.
“You cannot possibly imagine how many mines have been planted here,” said Ghulam Farooq Tarokhel, commander of the 2nd brigade of the Afghan Army’s 3rd Battalion. “They are in places you would not even think of.” According to Tarokhel, the combined forces have defused more than 400 IEDs so far.
Even so, the roads are still all but impassable, hindering not just the military, but humanitarian aid workers.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has five medical staff in Marjah, who up until one week ago were operating a first-aid post. Now, they say, it is too dangerous.
“Since movement in Marjah is difficult due to fighting and IEDs, the ICRC first-aid personnel have been treating patients in their homes,” read an ICRC press release. “Those in need of care are often unable to move about or are afraid to do so.”
Those willing to brave the mines and the fighting are fleeing to Lashkar Gah, where humanitarian services are being put to the test.
According to Ghulam Farooq Noorzai, the head of the Helmand department of refugees, there are more than 3,600 families, or close to 20,000 individuals, in need of assistance, and the numbers are still rising.
“We have suggested to UNAMA [United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan] and to UNHCR [UN High Commission for Refugees] that they send assistance for 5,000 families,” he said. “So far we have only been able to help 2,219 of them, with food and non-food items. The need is quite urgent.”
Mullah Hekmat, a local Taliban in Marjah, blames the foreign forces for all of the suffering.
”We haven’t brought this situation to Marjah,” he said. “It is the fault of the occupying forces.”
He insists that the Taliban have the support of the population. “We have been staying here with the help of the people of Marjah for two years now,” he said. “The people are happy with us, and they are ready to help us even if they are killed. They are giving their lives for the jihad.”
But Daud Daud Jan, a resident of the Hashtian area of Marjah, dismisses the claim.
“Those who support the Taliban are those whose interests coincide with theirs,” he said. “Drug smugglers and thieves are fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with them; but not the people of Marjah, who are fed up with the Taliban.”
Marjah has been billed as the first great test of the surge — the new strategy announced by U.S. President Barack Obama in his West Point speech on Dec. 1. But with military casualties also rising — ISAF confirms 13 soldiers killed in action so far in the operation — there are those who doubt it is worth the price.
Taliban expert Alex Strick van Linschoten says that even if Marjah turns out to be a success, it will prove little.
“The key test of the surge will be Kandahar city,” said van Linschoten. “The Taliban know very well that Marjah is irrelevant. Whatever happens there will make no difference to their ability to conduct guerilla warfare for the next several years.”

E Train Spy Cam - New York Post


2 Teachers Suspended After Performing Lap-Dance In School's Gym

John McCain says he was "misled" concerning the bailout. leaders don't get misled....they lead. Papa knows what time it is.

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Shyne & L.A. Reid in Belize

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Kidz In The Hall speak on Land of Make Believe

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Estelle “FREAK” feat. Kardinal Offishall

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Rihanna’s, “Rude Boy,” AOL Performance

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Waka Flocka Responds To Method Man Saying His Time In The Game Will Be Slim

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Reflection Eternal Speak On Their New Album

Jay-Z & Bun B Perform "Big Pimpin" Live In Houston, Texas

Fight At Juelz Santana's Party (Full Footage Of Beat Down)

Amber Rose Butt NEKKID on Kanye West's New Blog Homepage!

50 Cent And G-Unit Beat out Young Money and Ruff Ryders To Conquer The Best Hip-Hop Posse Album

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Lady Gaga Is Topless On Cover Of Q Magazine & Wearing A Strap-On?

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Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die II (Reloaded)


Lil Wayne – Runnin’ (rmx) f. Mickey Factz (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)


Terrorist leader in Yemen threatens new US attack, "blow up the earth from below your feet."


Students Mock Black History Month with "Ghetto Party"


Rick Ross x Chrisette Michele “Mafia Music Pt. 2″


GFK Speaks On Disney Movie Cameo


Ester Dean Ft. Diddy, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz & Chris Brown “Drop It Low (Remix)”


Monica "Everything To Me" Video feat:Chad Ocho Cinco


Lloyd Banks on MTV:Speaks on The Internet support,Beamer Benz & Bentley,New York's Hot 97 & The Backlash on G Unit


Remy Ma Calls Into Speak With Jenny Boom Boom and Dj Craig G on Hot 93.7 - [Speaks on Nicki Minaj, Fat Joe, having a baby, her appeal, and sex with Papoose]- Click Inside

Massive Beatdown at Juelz's B-Day Party


We Are The World (Hip-Hop Remix) feat DJ Khaled, T-Pain, Dr. Dre, Drake, Kid Cudi, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Akon, Eminem, DMX & Christopher Walken



Avery Storm Diary Of The Takeoff

Timeless Truth – Priceless f. Sean Price

Tony Yayo – Everywhere We Go

Jimi Hendrix "Valleys Of Neptune"

Timbaland Feat. Justin Timberlake "Carry Out"

President Obama Tells Jay-Z He Loves BP3

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album has received its biggest endorsement via President Barack Obama. In a recent interview with BBC One, Jay-Z disclosed that the President loved the LP and was playing it during their recent phone conversation.

“Barack loves Hip-Hop, when I called him he was playing Blueprint in the gym,” he explained. “I've been invited to the White House a couple of times. Hopefully we'll keep him in for 8 years so I'll have time to get there."

Obama has been a self-admitted Hip-Hop fan for years, and first met Jay-Z in 2008 as part of his goal to help emcees use their art to spark critical thinking and bridge generational rifts.

Also, the then U.S. senator was hopeful to see Hip-Hop artists as a whole move away from the misogyny and materialistic slant that’s gripped the art form’s mainstream in recent years.

“I've met with Jay-Z, I've met with Kanye [West]. And I've talked to other artists about how potentially to bridge that gap. I think the potential for them to deliver a message of extraordinary power that gets people thinking [is great],"Obama told BET on the special What’s In It For Us? “There are times, even on the artists I've named, the artists that I love, that there is a message that's sometimes degrading to women, uses the N-word a little too frequently. But also something that I'm really concerned about is they're always talking about material things about how I can get something; more money, more cars.”

Jay-Z acknowledged the Hip-Hop nation’s potential political power, but rejected the notion that artists should tone down their messages. Instead, he insisted that artists have a responsibility to speak on the uncomfortable truths of society, and not relegate their art to propaganda.

"Sometimes there are hard truths in rap, they're not packaged with pretty ribbons. Sometimes the realities of the situations are harsh and they need to be told,” Jay reasoned to the BBC. “We're the poets of our generation! Those truths and those honesties need to be told and sometimes that will rub people the wrong way but that don't mean you don't tell them. I think when rap is done brilliantly it can inform you of a problem, things that are going on."

Even as the pro-Obama Hip-Hop songs slowed following the President’s January 2009 inauguration, Jay-Z has remained one of his strongest supporters.

The Brooklyn native spoke favorably of Obama throughout Blueprint 3, including the songs “What We Talkin’ About,” “On to the Next One,” and “Reminder.”

Today (February 19), President Obama will hold a town hall meeting at Nevada’s Henderson high school, followed by speaking engagements at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Sade On The Wanda Sykes Show

Stussy’s J Dilla Documentary (Part 2)

Redman – Reggie (New Album Cover)

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL

Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming

Dj Mathematics – Avenging Eagles (Meth, Ghost & Rae)

2-Mef Vs. Chef (Exclusive)
3-Miranda (Exclusive)
4-House of Flying Daggers
5-The Turn
6-Paisley Darts
8-Cuban Chronicles (Exclusive)
9-Where Your Heat At?
10-Four Minutes to Lock Down
11-All Flowers (Exclusive)
12-RUSH (Mathematics Mix)
13-Method Man PLO Freestyle (Exclusive Classic)
14-RUSH 2
15-One (Mathematics Mix)
16-It’s Yours (Mathematics Mix)
18-For This
19-Deadly Venoms
20-Tony Montana
22-The General (Exclusive)
23-Murda Goons
24-The M.E.T.H.
27-Wu-Tangs 1st radio appearance (WBIA-SUPER EXCLUSIVE)
28-St. Ides Commercial (Exclusive)
29-Eye For A Eye
30-Right Back At You
32-10 Bricks
33-Raekwon and Ghostface Live Radio Freestyle (Exclusive)
34-Iron God Chamber
35-It’s What It Is
36-Diz iz 4 All My Smokers
37-Black Cream (My Guitar)
38-Where It Started At
39-Fast Shadow feat. ODB (Exclusive)
40-Block Rock
41-About Me
43-Watch Your Mouth
44-Cash Still Rules-Scary Hours
45-Box In Hand
46-7th Chamber Part 2
47-Bonus-Ghostface Freestyle Live On The Radio (Exclusive)
48-Bonus-Newcomer feat. Eyes-Low

Boundless NY Presents: The Beastie Boys – The Classics


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Tiger Woods Grabs Some Bootys After His Public Apology [Jimmy Kimmel Parody]

Nicki Minaj Gives Justin Combs That "Child Please" Look When He Tries To Spit Game On His Sweet 16! + Diddy Buys His Son A Maybach + Juelz Santana Tak

Lil Wayne Shows His Bottom Teeth After Dental Surgey Goes Off On An Online Chatter For Telling Weezy Please Go To Jail

Lil Duval Clowns Natalie Of The Bad Girls Club Bout Her Chin! "Your Chin Long As F*ck. That Sh*t Curves" & Calls Her A Basic Bitch Right In Her Face

Four NYPD Offices Acquited In Anal Assault!

A New York City police officer accused of a sodomy attack on a drug suspect in a subway station was acquitted Monday along with two other officers who had been accused of covering it up.
Officer Richard Kern had faced as many as 25 years in prison if convicted of aggravated sexual abuse. Officers Andrew Morales and Alex Cruz could have faced up to four years in prison on charges of hindering prosecution.
"I feel great. I'm glad the system works," Kern said outside court. "It's been a long road and it's finally over, thank God."
Michael Mineo claimed Kern violated him with a police baton after he ran from officers inside the Brooklyn subway station Oct. 15, 2008. Mineo filed a $440 million lawsuit against the city.

Travis Barker Fight With The Paparazzi

Ludacris - Sexting (prod. The Neptunes)

download here