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Mixtape: Nipsey Hussle - Mailbox Money


With no news of Nipsey Hussle's Mailbox Money (save for some leaks) surfacing until a few minutes ago, we thought that we might not get the rapper's recently-announced Mailbox Music tape before the clock struck midnight on 2014. Thankfully, Nip came through in the clutch and delivered the project just six hours before the end of the year. Over the course of 15 new tracks, Rick Ross, Buddy, G.I. Joe, Conrad, Pacman, K Camp, Dom Kennedy, J Stone, Trae Tha Truth and Vernando make guest appearances. Production is handled by Wizzo, Raio, Hit-Boy, Drewbyrd, SAP, Kitchen J, Scoop Deville, DJ Mustard, THC, Mike and Keys, Uncle Dave, Rance, DJ Khalil, and Polyester.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pic of the day: "We the People" #S2SBB

When Positive Black men decide to take control of their community.. we FULLY Support this

New music: Nobi, Superstar Jay and Loose Arsonist - seven thirty two prod by J.wiz

Originally on Nobi's "InteGRITTY 2" project.. Loose Arsonist and superstar jay re-release this track on their new Compilation Project

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Nobi speaks on his "Facial paralysis" situation he recently recovered from

A month ago, Nobi released the picture above with this statement through facebook: 
"I been in Rehabilitation mode since Christmas eve.. Right side of my face is Paralyzed.. It was tough at 1st cause yall kno i love to laugh.. Imagine half of your face laughing at someones joke while the other half is looking at them like "Whatever nikka, you aint funny" lol.. Should be back 100 percent in a month.. Shout out to my Lady an my daughter for Nursing and taking care of me Even tho they got jokes all day, everyday lol.. This is just my face, and its temporary but i do have some insight and a different understanding of what people who are paralyzed all over 90 to 95 percent of their body's have to deal with.. So i send nothing but love and prayers to those in that situation"

 Here we are a month later and he has recovered 90 percent of the muscle control in the right side of his face. In his own words: "It was scary, i was on the 7 train in Ny and my face just went numb, Felt like it wasn't even there. We went to the hospital and the Dr said it was "Bells palsy" and my reaction was "bells who?". I actually thought it was an old persons condition until I educated myself about it and realized that most people get this shit in their late teens. For 3 weeks straight i couldn't blink my right eye, speak clearly, eat or drink properly. I had to drink through a straw.. It was a nightmare but thank God for my family who constantly kept me laughing and did not allow me to wallow in my misery. A strong support system is what everyone needs in order to get through tough times of all sorts in my opinion and also having the ability to laugh at yourself, I say ability because nowadays people take themselves to seriously. Most people wouldn't dare post a pic of themselves while having the Vanilla sky face, me personally i don't care about shit like that. I actually thought it would take a few months to heal and then one day i had about 5 percent control on the right side, everyday after that i just kept healing more and more and here i am today with 90 percent control. I'm smiling again, speaking clearly, Drinking and eating what i want. the Dr said i should retain 100 percent control with out any nerve damage so i feel blessed.. I'm back in the studio working on Integritty 3 and i just want to thank Everyone who reached out to me and everyone who prayed for me. I appreciate all the love and support and will never take that for granted.. Salute, now it's back to work"

This Family Stopped Eating Sugar For One Year! Their Story Is An Eye Opener

5 things Steve Jobs said Apple would never do - and Apple is doing

'After decades of marching, we don't have justice': Protesters in Harlem chant to root out 'racist cops' during MLK demonstration

Mayor De Blasio and Sharpton hug and praise each other at MLK event

Mayor de Blasio and the Rev. Al Sharpton hugged and heaped praise on each other at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event Monday — their first joint appearance since two cops were murdered and after weeks of angry anti-police protests. Speaking at Be Like King Day at Sharpton’s Harlem headquarters, the mayor lauded the beaming preacher for helping curb the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactics. “Deeds matter in this work, and when it came time to address a broken stop-and-frisk policy, Reverend Sharpton helped to organize that silent march,” de Blasio said, referring to a 2012 Father’s Day protest. “And that silent march down Fifth Avenue . . . changed this city. It changed the thinking, it changed the discourse, it changed the trajectory of this city,” de Blasio told the event’s 350 guests, who included Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-Harlem) and, by phone, Gov. Cuomo. “It borrowed from a rich and powerful tradition — nonviolent, peaceful social change — the essence of what Dr. King was about.” Before de Blasio took the microphone, Sharpton sang his praises. “We elected him because we felt he believed in the principles we believed in, and he would hear us and regard us and respect us,” Sharpton said. “When he decided to appoint Commissioner [Bill] Bratton, he told me, ‘Al, I know he wouldn’t be your first choice. But this is what I want to do.’ “The first stop Bill Bratton made as commissioner was right here on the Saturday after he appointed him. He said, ‘Not your choice, but I’m going to do what I believe, but I’m going to respect you all,’ ” Sharpton recalled. The Rev also compared the mayor to President Obama. “I watched as Barack Obama handled with grace some of the most unfair criticism, some of the most vicious, venomous attacks, and he never responded. And I see that same kind of grace and dignity in how this mayor has handled some of the venomous and unfair stuff,” Sharpton said. The mayor and Sharpton exchanged bear hugs both before and after Hizzoner spoke. Earlier, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, de Blasio lauded the virtual end of stop-and-frisk. “We became safer because we became fairer,” he said. He told the crowd King would have backed anti-cop protests, eliciting shouts from the audience. “We will not turn our backs on you like cowards,” a man yelled in a dig at cops who protested the mayor after the murders of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Sharpton later laid two wreaths at the Bed-Stuy corner where the cops were murdered last month.

The N.S.A. wants access to all our phone records. But does that approach even work?

Grilled Cheese Competition Coming To Nolita This Weekend

With months to go before the official start to jorts season, there's no reason to start that Kale-Only Diet you have planned for a few more weeks. With that in mind, head over to The Big Cheesy, a grilled cheese competition popping up at Openhouse Gallery this Saturday and Sunday. This year's challenge includes six NYC chefs and restaurants trying to best the winning offering from now-shuttered 5 Oz. Factory, which took home top prize with a veggie-cheese-horseradish creation. On tap this year, a guacamole and bacon offering from Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen; a cuban GC from Sons of Essex; and a Mexican grilled cheese with bacon hash from Eggs Travaganza. But it's Alex Mitow of FAME fame that's already winning the name game. His "Taylor Swiss" rocks Gruyere swiss and Danish fontina melted with a truffled duck liver mousse, walnut pesto and Granny Smith apples on garlic-buttered challah from Breads Bakery. Offerings from Twist and Smash'd and Hudson Common have yet to be announced. Tickets to the weekend's festivities are available for $30 and include tastings of all six grilled cheese offerings and two pints of Goose Island beer—plus a portion of proceeds go to Food Bank for NYC. Slots begin on the hour starting at noon and running until 7 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Openhouse Gallery is located at 201 Mulberry Street

Monday, January 19, 2015

Empire Ratings Brings 5.6 Million Blacks to Fox

Fox network’s series, “Empire,” delivered record-setting audience numbers. The hip-hop drama attracted a total viewership of 9.9 million, 5.6 million of which were Black. CBS continued to be the most watched TV network in black households with a total of 19.3 million viewers. Fox finished second with 17.7 million. NBC was a distant third with six million.

Check out an official Contract offer from Universal Music, still wana be rapper??

(New Video)-@whois_i Ft @mcsole & @TroyAve “Boombox”

Chck it over at GYBU

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: The Thirty Two Year Long Fight for a Federal Holiday

It took 32 long years–relatively almost as long as Dr. King’s life was short; he was assassinated at age 39–for Martin Luther King Day to be recognized as a national holiday. “This is not a black holiday; it is a people’s holiday,” the widowed Coretta Scott King infamously said after then President Ronald Reagan signed the King Holiday Bill into law on Nov. 2, 1983. Yet despite the bill being signed into law back before I was even born, it wasn’t until the year 2000–when I was a freshman in high school, mind you–that Martin Luther King Day become a nationally recognized holiday for all people, all the time. Fifteen years earlier, on April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr, was murdered by an assassin’s bullet. Mere months after his death, Congressman John Conyers Jr. of Michigan introduced the first legislation that sought to make King’s birthday, Jan. 15, a federal holiday. Around the same time, The King Memorial Center, in Atlanta, was founded. They sponsored the first annual observance of King’s birthday, in January 1969, nearly ten and half years before it would become an official government sanctioned holiday. Before then, however, some of the more progressive individual states, including Illinois, Massachusetts and Connecticut, passed their own legislature to celebrate Dr. King. Conspiracy and politics, primarily driven by nothing more than the sheer, blatant, racism that Dr. King fought against, prevented the rest of the nation from following suit. Three years after Michigan Congressman John Conyers introduced the preliminary legislation to make King’s birthday a holiday in 1968, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference–which King spearheaded from its inception until his tragic death–presented Congress with a petition signed by more than three million people in support of a King holiday. The bill sat, abandoned in Congress until the former governor of Georgia, now the first Democratic President since Lyndon Johnson, President Jimmy Carter, vowed to support the King family in making the King holiday a federal holiday. Energized by the President’s support, Coretta testified before Congress, and organized a nationwide lobby to support the bill. Sadly, Conyer’s legislation was defeated in the House by a miserly five votes. Coretta didn’t give up. She continued her fight, testifying before Congress several more times and mobilizing governors, mayors and city council members across the nation. Stevie Wonder even joined the fight, lending his voice to Coretta’s cause, and releasing the song ”Happy Birthday” in 1980. Together, they presented a second petition to Congress, this time with double the signatures–six million supporters. This time, the House passed the bill with a vote of 338 to 90. Once the bill passed in the House, it had to move to the Senate floor, where it faced tougher opposition. Republican Senators John P. East and Jesse Helms of North Carolina led smear campaigns against King, alleging that he had associations with communists and claiming that he cheated on his wife, and listing these as reasons not to honor him with a federal holiday. Helms read a detailed paper on the Senate floor, and provided a 300-page supplemental document to the members of the Senate detailing King’s communist connections, which outraged some Senators so badly, including New York’s Daniel Patrick Moynihan, that he threw the document to he ground, stomped on it and deemed it a “packet of filth.” Helms also tried justify his actions by attempting to explain that anyone who opposed a King holiday would “unfairly” be called a racist, claiming that the Senate was being bullied into elevating King to ”the same level as the father of our country and above the many other Americans whose achievements approach that of Washington’s” whilst at the same time claiming that King’s achievements were nowhere near Washington’s. Right before the bill passed in the Senate–in fact, the day before–District Judge John Lewis Smith Jr. denied Helms’ request to unseal FBI surveillance tapes of King that were due to remain sealed until 2027. President Reagan signed the bill into law in November 1983, and the first official holiday was observed three years later, on the third Monday of January, in 1986. At that time, only 27 out of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. honored the holiday. All three Arizona House Republicans, including current Senator and former presidential hopeful John McCain, voted against the bill in 1983. Arizona went on to ignore pleas from the President and its own governor to acknowledge the holiday, even losing the NFL’s support when the league moved the Super Bowl XXVII from the Sun Devil Stadium, in Tempe, Arizona, to California in protest of Arizona’s refusal to acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Arizona was not alone in its openly stubborn contempt for the federal law. In 2000–almost 20 years after the law’s official passage, and 32 years after King died–South Carolina became the last state to sign a bill recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday. Incidentally, it was also the same year they pulled the Confederate flag down from its statehouse dome.

Once again, we see another talented young being passing away this year (Rip Asap Yams)

Chris brown reacts to Probation being revoked

Harry Belafonte Talks Similarities Between Selma March And Ferguson Protest, Chides Obama About “Raising Consciousness”

Harry Belafonte spoke at the opening of “Freedom Journey 1965,” at the New-York Historical Society Thursday, featuring photos of the Selma-to-Montgomery March by Stephen Somerstein. The civil-rights activist explained he’d been on the road speaking with university students. “Young people wanted to know what was essentially different today from what existed at the time of the march,” he said. “In many ways a lot has changed . . . [but] the challenges that they are facing today in relationship to social need, as well as a number of questions on race and gender and class do not change too much . . . suggest[ing] previous missions were not as complete as we thought.” Belafonte, who has been critical of Obama in the past, talked about his time in service, saying, “You are the president of all the people. Serve them to the best of your ability, but not at the expense of raising consciousness to a higher level or appreciation about what’s missing.” Belafonte said he hopes the next election “will not be so preoccupied with agenda and color, but who will be the next president to really, really deal with content . . . The world is filled with great expectation.”