Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Audio: Nobi Releases "InteGRITTY 4" Album sampler

Check out Nobi's "InteGritty 4 (Angels And Demons)" Album sampler feat Krs One, Tone Jonez, Wicked Keyz, Clev Trev, Ash Wednesday, A.dash, Big Doxx and more.. The Project is Available for Streaming/Download on 7/11/16 Exclusively at

Mixtape: Method Man - The Lost Tapes (All Rares Songs)

Dashcam Footage of a train crashing into a truck thats stuck on the tracks

A train collided with a truck trailer that was crossing the railway line on Fairdale Road in Moseley Park, Pinetown on Friday. According to Netcare 911, there were at least 40 people on the train, but only 10 sustained injuries. The train driver is one of the people hurt. Reports from the scene indicate that the trailer was left on the railway line by a truck driver who failed to cross the railway because the truck trailer got entangled in the overhead power lines. "It’s believed that the truck driver detached the mechanical horse from the trailer and left the trailer across the railway line,” said Netcare 911 spokesperson, Athlenda Mathe. “Moments later, a commuter train coming into the Moseley Park railway station collided with the stranded trailer, causing the locomotive to derail from the track,” Mathe said.

A prominent gun blogger and lifelong N.R.A. member explains how the organization uses fear to get its way

What Trump's Tax And Spending Plan Could Mean For Interest Rates

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Video: Pro Dillinger - Bread Winner

New music: Louie P F/ Nathaniel - Wonder What It Be Like (Produced by Jay Varcity)

New music from the homie Pizzle

Private equity is hoarding $971 billion — here's where that money will go

Bratton Says Arrest Of High-Ranking Cops Doesn't Show "Systemic Corruption"

Revitalizing Your health with the Cancer fighting properties of Baking Soda and Lemon

14 toxin-removing superfoods that will boost your immune system

Matthew Knowles Opens Up About His Relationship With Jay Z

LeBron James Credits Jay Z’s ‘A Star is Born’ as His Championship Inspiration