Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dr. Dre Beating Victim Dee Barnes Says His Violent History With Women Should Have Been Included In “Straight Outta Compton”

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should receive a new trial outside of the city, his lawyers said

Morgan Freeman returns to work after Granddaughters death

New music: Jon Connor - Beats 1 Freestyle

New music: AZ - Grew Up A Screw Up (Freestyle)

New music: Chinx - On Your Body (YAYmix) Feat. Rick Ross & Meet Sims

25th Anniversary of "Boyz N The Hood" & "New Jack City" To Be Celebrated By African American Film Critics Association

The African American Film Critics Association will honor Boyz N The Hood and New Jack City at its annual awards ceremony February 10 in Hollywood, California, the Los Angeles Times reports. Both films celebrate their 25th anniversary next year (2016) and the AAFCA will theme the awards ceremony a "Celebration of Hip Hop Cinema." "Hip Hop has had a global impact on pop culture and influenced millions around the world," AAFCA president and co-founder Gil Robertson says, "and its impact on Hollywood has been a major game-changer in front of and behind the camera and at box office." At the awards, Boyz N The Hood director John Singleton will receive a 2016 AAFCA Special Achievement Award. Ice Cube made his acting debut in Boyz N The Hood. The film stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as a young man who moves to South Central Los Angeles to live with his strict father. He battles with peer pressure from his friends, played by Cube and Morris Chestnut, who lead the opposite lives of a drug dealer and a college football recruit. New Jack City features Ice T as an undercover cop who infiltrates a drug ring ran by Nino Brown, played by Wesley Snipes. The AAFCA was established in 2003 as a platform for movies that relate to the African American population, feature African American actors and actresses, and are created by African American filmmakers.The association also seeks to provide opportunities and support for young journalists and film critics.

New Video: Gangrene Feat. Havoc & Sean Price “Sheet Music”

Rap Rehab: Exposing The Real Story About NWA

Nwa according to RAPREHAB



Dr. Dre & Eazy-E’s Sons Kick It At N.W.A’s Original Garage Studio [VIDEO]

Monday, August 17, 2015

10 Things To Know About MC Ren of NWA

New music: Virtu – Changing Times


Video: Chinx Feat. Stack Bundles – Far Rock

Diddy Says Meek Mill Jacked His Vocals For Diss: “Drake Please Don’t Do No ‘Back 2 Back 2 Back’ It Wasn’t Me! I See You 6 God!” [Video]

Dj Premier Recalls Ice Cube And Suge Fighting

50 Cent “9 Shots” (Video)

15 Pedestrians Oblivious To The World Outside Their Cell Phones

50 Cent Speaks On "9 Shots" & Upcoming Music

Friday, August 14, 2015

New music: Nobi - Redemption Prod by Sevyn Thomas

New music from Nobi speaking on making the transition from a boy to a man.. Everybody can relate to this because at some point we all reach a Crossroad where it's either move forward or backward

Video: A.Dash - Yakity Yak feat Tina Torres Dir by: Ronnie Camilo

New Dash.. We been waiting on this

New music: @IamNoora - Matrimony/So Anxious Prod by @MrHartfelt

Finally, Some new music by one of our personal favorites. It's Dope too, Check it out! Happy Bday to Noora as weel, we wish her nothing but the best

New music: @ChazDeFranco "Torreón"

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, we've all been involved in a past relationship that's weighed heavy on our hearts and in some instances, never get the opportunity to make right on it. Fortunately, that's not the case for Montreal's Chaz DeFranco. With his constant travels to and from Mexico in his early twenties, the Canadian songwriter meet a beautiful young woman by the name of Angela Del Rio. The two had became romantically involved with each other but sadly, the relationship came to an end. Years later, Chaz happened to stumble across Angela online which lead to a few phone calls. That's when he found out she had won the state pageant (which Torreón is the capital of) and was a finalist in the Miss Mexico Pageant. This is when the Canadian crooner grabbed a pen & pad and began constructing one of his best releases to date. "Torreón" serves as not only a dedication to the love Chaz lost but serves as an apology to Del Rio for his shortcomings. This is also the fifth release in DeFranco's #songsunday series and is available as a free download.

J.cole says Drops some knowledge on stage speaking on what Life is about


Check it out HERE

Did Jay-z Record a 2-Pac diss back in 96?

The maxim says that you don’t speak ill of the dead, and Jay Z has never been one to offend the spirit world. To wit, DJ Clark Kent appeared on the latest episode of ItsTheReal’s A Waste of Time podcast and revealed that Hov had actually recorded a scathing diss track aimed at 2Pac before the latter passed away. ”Jay did a record going at Pac,” the producer says, “but right as it was about to go out, son died.” There are, however a select few people who heard it: “We performed it though. We was at the Apollo. It was scathing. Crowds was like, ‘Oh, shit’.” 2Pac died in September, 1996, two months after Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt came out; in November of the same year, Death Row dropped The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. On the opening track from that album, “Bomb First (My Second Reply),” Pac raps, “I’m a Bad Boy killer/Jay Z, die, too.” Kent, who produced “Cashmere Thoughts,” “Coming of Age” and the Biggie-featuring “Brooklyn’s Finest” from Reasonable Doubt, goes on: “The chip on Jay’s shoulder is so crazy that it’s just like he had to perform” the song. “If [Pac] was alive, there would have been no coming back. To me, it probably was one of the hardest diss records I’ve ever heard.” He admits that he didn’t even want a copy of the record for himself, saying, “I know I would have figured out a way to play it.”