Monday, September 15, 2014

Nobi to Release Fall edition "Welcome to New york Gritty" T-shirts

Check the store on Tomorrow for details

Rewind Album: Nobi - Just to be heard

Artwork and Tracklist for Nobi's InteGRITTY 2 Album Revealed

01. Nobi - The Intro Prod by IllMind 
02. Nobi - Monster inside me feat Tone Jonez Prod by Tone Jonez 
03. Nobi - Unplugged Prod by Tone Jonez 
04. Nobi - Killing Fields Prod by Boola 
05. Nobi - New york Gritty Prod by Tone Jonez 
06. Nobi - Tonight Feat Tone Jonez Prod by Tone Jonez 
07. Nobi - All about it Feat Tina Torres (Background vocals) Prod by Dee aye 
08. Nobi - Niggativity remix Prod by Boola 
09. Nobi - No Chill Prod by Boola 
10. Nobi - Unconditional Feat Tone Jonez Prod by Tone Jonez 
11. Nobi - Fathers day Feat Rod Prod by Don Cannon 
12. Nobi - 4 Walls Prod by Boola 
13. Nobi - 732 Prod by J.wiz 
14. Nobi - B.i.t.c.h. (Bottles in the club heavy) Rmx Feat Boola and Maleek Prod by Boola 
15. Nobi - Death becomes me Feat A.dash and Tina Torres Prod by Boola


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mixtape: Ill Ric: Feel Good Music Vol. 1.5

Cheney: 'Our President Must Understand That We Are At War'

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Wednesday that he hopes President Barack Obama lays out a “forceful, bold and immediate strategy to defeat ISIS" tonight, but Cheney's remarks at a conservative think-tank were more focused on suggesting that the president does not understand the severity of the threat. "Our president must understand we are at war and that we must do what it takes, for as long as it takes, to win," Cheney said during a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, adding the threat from ISIS is "far more dangerous that the administration has been willing to admit." Cheney, a key architect of the war in Iraq, painted Obama’s foreign policy as an effort to avoid tough choices rather than address threats head-on. “So often President Obama responds to crises by announcing all the things that he will not do,” he said. “And here again we can only hope that pattern ends tonight.” The former vice president's remarks come a day after he addressed congressional Republicans about foreign policy, prompting reminders from Democrats about Cheney's role in in the unpopular war in Iraq. "Dick Cheney is more responsible than anyone else for the worst foreign policy decision in the history of the country," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Senate floor Wednesday.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Five New Yorkers have been treated for West Nile virus

Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice addresses the media with his wife Janay Palmer sitting by his side

Father Of 2 Dies Trying To Save Boy From Drowning In Hudson River

A Yonkers man died while saving an autistic boy who fell into the Hudson River at a community barbecue in Yonkers yesterday evening. 6-year-old Stephan Jones climbed a fence at the JFK Marina and Park while his mother was using the restroom (she says she asked a friend to watch him) and wound up in the Hudson River shortly before 7 p.m. "I came back and I thought there was fighting, but it was my son in the water,” Thema Martin tells CBS2. Several people jumped into the river to save Jones, who is reportedly "non-verbal." Among them was Boyce Coleman, known as "Scoop" to his friends and family. Jones was rescued, but in the process Coleman, 40, drowned. “Scoop was out of breath or something because I see him stop a little from my son and came up and I see his neck, but then after that I turned and turned back around and I didn’t see him anymore," Martin says. LoHud reports that NYPD divers "assisted in the search and recovered the victim about 8 p.m. He was declared dead at St. Joseph's Medical Center at 8:28 p.m." One of Coleman's friends tells ABC 7, "He died doing God's work in front of everybody that he loved. So it hurts, but I feel confident knowing that he's with the Lord." Another recalled, "If he saw you coming out of the grocery store with bags of groceries, he’d help you even if he didn’t know you. That’s the type of person he was." ABC 7 also reports that the cookout was a reunion for current and former residents of the School Street Houses, a Yonkers housing project where Coleman grew up.

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