Monday, July 28, 2014

Exclusive Interview with ELLS PRESLEY

We Caught up with Skum Squad GLM Artist Ells Presley to get some insight on his Project which will be dropping Thursday. Check it out!

1. First things first, how are you feeling today?
 I feel comfortable today. i'm doing one of the thing's i do best, illustration of music and getting the music into the right hands, my support system!

 2. How do you feel about the content of which an artist post via Social Media, do you think they should post what ever they please or filter some of the things they say?
In General to please your support group, Fans, i don't like calling them fan's but i think an artist should be careful about some of the things they say on social media. from my personal experience's people LOVE negativity, it's sad but that type of negativity work's for some nigga's. Some Artist get recognition off that alone, but for me, i posted something about Gay people one day, i wasn't bashing them in any form, but i was wondering why a lot of Gay guy's was sending me friend request lol i was feeling a little uneasy about it, but a Gay friend of mine's opened my eye's and said to me "maybe they like your music" i couldn't argue with that, he was right, i need all the support i kan get, whether it's from The younger crowd, a man with no legs, a Gay man or woman, a mother or father, it doesn't matter, all people are excepted in my heart. DEFINITELY filter your thought's on social media, that goes for anyone, especially an entertainer who's success will be determined by the viewer's. 

 3. So lets not waste anymore time and get straight into the politic's of Ells Presley, you havn't released a solid mixtape sense "Shark Bait" in 2010 with Rockland Music Group and i think i speak for most when i say, That aggression is what got you recognized by Grittylyfmusic to begin with, why so long of a wait and what should we expect from your new work?
I would damn sure have to agree with you Skummie, my last solid mixtape was "Shark bait" at least that's what the viewer's thought, i personally thought a lot more work and effort could have went into that project but it is what it is, i put in the work i got it out there and my supporter's thought it was a Go! The wait for Undeniable was 4 years long because at the end of the day we all have a personal life aside from music, and a couple broken plan's sent the ship off coarse, that's why Nobi came to me after we made it official that i would be rocking with GrittyLyf, and put together a nice little compilation mixtape to keep a nigga relevant while i worked on this tape. Expect a new state of mind on this new project, same nigga, i just see things differently now, i'm a father of a six year old son, and im getting older we not getting no younger, so knowlegde and social awareness is what i give to my viewer's these day's. Sexy music for female listener's, Streets for my Thug nigga's, and education for the more thinking type of  people. This is the world we live in, we are going to go through what ever this life brings us, so WHY would i not talk about exactly that, you know... JULY 31st by the way lol

 4. What should we expect after "Undeniable" ?
 Expect at least 3 more "Undeniable" series project's, some show's and Visual's for a lot of this new music i'm putting out.

 5. I hear you talk a lot about "Support" as do other's, especially when it come's to the tiny little County that your from, do you think you get the support you deserve from your home land?
Every one want's to be supported in anything they do, especially if it's something you love, there's to many rapper's, not artist, rapper's. There's way to many fucking rapper's in my county alone, and that's cool, you know aim for the stars be all you can be! as my skumm Rikko Da Don would say lol. I don't shoot down dream's, i bring them up if im in the position to do so, but i don't blame the people in Rockland County who don't support me for anything. I blame the rapper's who do it because they think it's cool, or do it to get woman, or to show off, and not purely for the Love of Music, i'm 28 bro, i been recording since i was 15 you do the math. there wasn't many doing it back then and i was getting a heavy amount of support back then, today these rapper facades are blinding the people who love the art of music, they hear so much bullshit on the radio or on the internet, there done scouting, it's our job to bring this shit back to where it needs to be "we want that New York Flow Back"

Vegg of S&S Pro sounds and @Rocrunnaradio say's to me " Ells, kan we expect a Jay Z "Take Over" record on the next mixtape" lmao i was wondering where the fuck that came from lol but it sounded like a very tempting idea.. who the next victim is i can not answer, but should you be prepared and aware of an epic controversial record.. Hell yea, i ain't never scared to expose a nigga for what he thought he was or what he think he is

 7. which one of your contemporaries do you listen to the most?
I listen to a lot of underground artist such as Kazea B.illz, Cardo Mosley, the General Nobi, & J Napier. just a couple unsigned artist that made it in my playlist. But back on topic, I listen to an abundance of Pro Dillinger Music, Constant energy with my brother's music. I don't care who you are, if you into hardcore rap or hip hop in general, that man's music will make you feel like Thug in the Streets, you could be a part time Nurse, male or female, once that first Pro line touches your ear drum's, you get an exuberant feeling of "lets get Crunk" lol shout out to my Bro "Skumm Talk" ep August 31st and for those out there listening, he's throwing a mixtape release party/bbq the same day, come out and enjoy the new music and performances.

 8. As usual Ells, your answer's are alway's well put, before we let you go, tell the viewer's where to get in contact with you and how to get "Undeniable" the Mixtape.
For music video's and single's of coarse visit the home base website where "Undeniable" will be a featured mixtape follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ELLSPRESLEY also follow the movement on twitter @SkummSquad @Grittylyfmusic if you do happen to tweet/post anything concerning Squad, Grittlyf or the artist and myself please hash-tag with #SSGL #SKSQ or #GL4L please please please... JULY 31st #SSGL #UNDENIABLE


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